Get organized and streamline your workflow with this A-Z accountability system.  

Design is only part of an interior designer’s job—you’re also responsible for scheduling client meetings, conducting design surveys, creating drawings and specs, and overseeing installation. Multiply by the number of projects on your plate, and you have a recipe for overwhelming disorganization. The Interior Design Productivity Toolbox helps you juggle multiple projects with ease, with a comprehensive self-management system tailored to the needs of interior designers and decorators.



Streamline Every Stage of the Interior Design Process


The Interior Design Productivity Toolbox helps interior designers take control of design projects as they progress through their many phases. This book breaks the most common design workflows down into their basic components: meetings, surveys, drawings, specifications, and renovations.


For both residential and contract projects, you'll find step-by-step checklists that make it easy to follow business best practices and stay focused on the big picture. Whether you're a solo practitioner, a member of a design team, or a student, these resources will lead to greater accountability and efficiency in everything from developing new client questionnaires and surveying rooms to specifying furniture and installing kitchen cabinetry.


The Interior Design Productivity Toolbox includes access to online electronic versions of all checklists, which are great for staying organized or training junior team members. Customize these lists to reflect the best approach for use in your actual design projects. As a bonus, an exclusive electronic budgeting grid simplifies the business aspect of design by letting you keep track of product costs and expenses associated with each project phase. Perfect the business of interior design with this extensive toolkit.

*  I have no problem getting        clients, but  I don't know how to juggle them all

*  I need a better method to track the tasks of my team

*  How can I get organized so I can waste less time and make more money?


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 Take a Look at What Others Have to Say About The Interior Design Productivity Toolbox!



Really an Invaluable Tool, Thank You for Putting it Out There in the World!



I bought your book and it's ALREADY dog-eared from use!  I love it!  Can't thank you enough, for a self taught sole proprietor like me it's a HUGE help to see examples and checklists.  Really an invaluable tool, thank you for putting it out there in the world!


- Shannon Ggem, Ggem Design Co.



Just Finished Reading this Book for the Second Time.



Just finished reading this book for the second time. It provides important information about how to tackle home renovation projects from the very first phone call. After 30 years in business as a Builder I am finding myself more productive and organized as ever because of this book. Thank You for putting together such a well detailed book with specific plans.


- Rosanna Giuliano, CCI Group



If You're Relatively New to the Profession, this is a Goldmine.



This tome collects a vast array of checklists, worksheets, sample drawings, and phone scripts covering a wide range of project types (I especially like the Home Theater and Man Cave guides). If you've been working for a decade or two, you've likely accumulated a file cabinet full of this stuff, but if you're relatively new to the profession, this is a gold mine. It can probably save you a ton of time and help you avoid common mistakes.


- Aaron Silverman



An Amazing Array of Checklists and Best Practice Guides...



An amazing array of checklists and best practice guides for design and office "fit testing". There are page after page of drawings, checklists, and descriptive pages to help you design and plan for your own project or another company / firm / client. if you are a consultant or a designer , this book is very valuable. it can help you prepare and look very professional. The online access code in the back will give you access to some helpful resources.


- Microeconomics


Checklists for Everything...



This is a wonderfully straightforward, thorough guide for the interior designer. The author begins each section by giving an overview in words of what is needed and then it is followed by a checklist for each item that was discussed. You have a new client? Check out the pre-meeting checklist, getting acquainted phone call checklist, preparing yourself for the visit materials checklist, things to discuss in the actual meeting checklist, taking notes at the meeting checklist, etc. There seems to be a checklist for every step from the beginning to the end of a project, which I like very much. It's a very organized, easy to read format. There are even helpful tips thrown in from the author's many years of experience (e.g. keep your materials in a clear bag so you can quickly see what you need is inside). My favorite thing is that the book provides sample letters of engagement and actual drawings of plans for you to reference.


- Kristi Gilleland

What a Wonderful Book and Source for the Industry.



I started thumbing through the book, went back and started reading it line by line. What a wonderful book and source for the industry. A must read!


- Jonathan Spinner, Spinn Construction 



An Excellent Resource for the Interior Designer.



This is an excellent resource for the interior designer. There are checklists for everything you can think of, including a checklist of questions to ask your clients during the initial meeting, specification checklists, schematic examples and even sample contract letters of agreement. Pretty much everything you need to know and every aspect of the planning stages all the way up to finishing to the most minute details is in this book. This book doesn't miss anything.

In the back of the book is an access code to access online resources which is a virtual goldmine! If you're an interior designer, or even planning to become an interior designer, this book is a must have. When I first saw the price of this book I thought it was really expensive. But you get a lot for your money and it has a lot of valuable information. It is well worth the price.


- Frogatha


Helpful for Interior Designers, it Organizes the Entire Process.



This is a full size book with full size forms that are going to be very useful for interior designers. This book is availble in eBook or paperback- there's a code in it to download the checklists and forms. If you purchase an E-Book, make sure you check the introduction - there's a phone number that you call to get access to the forms online listed there. They are really what make this book so special, so don't miss that!

My husband is a housing designer, and often works very closely with architects, builders, and interior designers. While he didn't have particular use for the forms and contracts, he said it was very helpful to see the drawings,checklists, and glossary, and felt they'd help him do HIS job better, and communicate better with the other project designers.

I personally like the specifications sheets. What a great resource those are! It keeps everything organized, and would make double checking orders and replacements a breeze should they be needed. They also make great records of past jobs for future reference.

The renovation section is very modern- there's forms for man caves, game rooms, wine cellars, and billiard rooms just to name a few. One thing that I did not see included that I would have liked to see is garage renovations- we are getting TONS of those in these days, with people looking to expand their garage in size and customize storage and recreational space-more than anything else.

The book has forms and checklists to help organize everything from intake, through design, orders and installation, and final walk through. There's also forms for when furniture arrives that's not quite right and has to be returned. It has forms to organize the entire process.


-  Hannah W.

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