-Yasmin Nguyen,

  Vibrance Global 

“I was very impressed with your presentation and honest demeanor.  It is so hard to be an organized, structured, productive, creative person and your methods are easy to understand and basic to implement.  My phone is now swimming with new apps and my mind is buzzing with solutions.  Thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge.

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“I have presented with Phyllis on a panel of marketing experts. She is outstanding with not only her craft but her ability to connect and communicate is second to none. Her gift is her eye, years of experience and personality. As a role model to many in her industry, she sets the bar to a level which others strive to achieve."

-Hilary Carlin, Design Builders & Remodeling, Inc.


*  I have no problem getting        clients, but  I don't know how to juggle them all

*  I need a better method to track the tasks of my team

*  How can I get organized so I can waste less time and make more money?


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Design is not only part of an interior designer’s job, but you’re also responsible for scheduling client meetings, conducting design surveys, creating drawings and specs, and overseeing installations. Multiply this by the number of projects on your plate, and it's easy to become overwhelmed and disorganized.

If you're an interior designer who owns a business or works at a design firm, this presentation is for you.  In this presentation, Phyllis Harbinger will show you how to load your tool box with the best implementation ingredients and help you get organized and streamline your workflow! 


This course, Representing Your Brand, is all about discovering your unique “Brand DNA” and reflecting your core message through verbal and visual cues.  You will assess how you wish to be perceived in your target market and tools to implement strategies that represent the essence of your brand in everything you do.  You will learn how important fashion is to your brand’s overall image and what your look portrays to a prospect or an existing client. 


This course will provide you with that extra edge over your competition!


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Let's face it, we've all had toxic clients.  They throw your whole company out of balance!  In this course we will talk about identifying the many different types of toxic clients and how to handle each one.  We will also discuss how to reinforce the principle of setting boundaries to protect yourself and your team.  We will help you introduce methods in which to prepare your team to manage a toxic client and also provide tools for creating an exit strategy/firing a client. 


Knowledge is power, and having a plan in place to deal with toxic clients before you take one on, can make a world of difference!  Take this course and know that you are prepared!


This course, Creating Your Marketing Pie, will help you to identify the important components to your own unique marketing pie, examine the best places for you to reach your ideal prospects, and provide you with tools to attract more potential clients and bring you more business.  


You will also learn how to put a plan in place to reach your ideal clients and put your marketing plan on autopilot!  Let your marketing plan do the work for you!!


This course, Closing the Sale, will teach you the best methods to do just that!  We will guide you to ask the proper questions to get best acquainted with your prospect and their specific needs.  We will help you to better describe the services that you offer in a clear and concise manner.  Lastly this course will provide you with proper responses to a client who hires you and also to a client that does not hire you or wants to wait to retain your services.  


Take the guesswork out of Closing the Sale with these proven methods and strategies!!



It is important to assemble what we call a "Power Team" of experts that covers the many aspects of the design process.  This includes the Interior Designer, the General Contractor and the Architect along with a few other key players.  This course will reinforce the principles of leaving each person to their own unique brilliance, and provides insight into why having a power team critically impacts the way your business operates effectively.


This presentation also gives you tips on where to find the key players for your "Power Team" and highlights the benefits of this team collaboration for you, the members of your team and also  and your prospective clients.  A "Power Team" provides the client with great value for their investment!



This presentation will unlock the secrets of color - how color impacts the workplace, your home environment and your own image.

You have seven seconds to make a first impression, 70% of that impression is visual, and color is key. Learn how to use color to your advantage!

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