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2019 Holiday Decor

'Tis the season where designers and clients are getting ready for the holidays. Whatever you celebrate, it is so much better when you have a plan, a strategy, for your décor.

I am sure many of you, like my clients and friends, have spent a considerable fortune over the years on holiday décor. Some look at this expenditure as an investment. Once a year, they go up to the attic, basement, or shed, or they visit their off-site storage space to fetch collected items that have history, sentiment, and provenance. It is a special moment when you are reunited with your favorite things – elements that remind you of a holiday years ago, or perhaps, something passed down from generation to generation comes out of a box to be unwrapped and appreciated at this special time of year. It makes the objet feel more precious and special since you only see them for a short span of time yearly.

Others like to mix and match while some will do a different theme every year. You know that I am into being sustainable so I tend to advise my clients to use what they have and perhaps play with different colors for rented linens and fresh flowers can change the tone of the interior as well.

While the traditional evergreen tree is always appropriate, this season, white is trending. Not only are white garlands and ornaments the rage but they look incredible with mixed metal ornaments and tinsel, and ribbon - keeping things very neutral.

Photo Credit - Elle Decor

White and Flocked Christmas trees are getting a lot of attention. I love the idea of a faux tree that can come back each year with a different twist. See some of the stunning ideas for decorating in metallics from Veranda Magazine this season by clicking here.

Scott Mecham is suggesting we use high quality wallpaper as wrapping paper. While other designers are lining the steps in colorful wrapped packages. Custom wreaths made from fabric scraps can be found and created by artisans on Etsy!

Photo Credit - Elle Decor

Nature is also taking a front seat this year in holiday décor. A natural garland can become a runner and you can slide a small evergreen frond into the napkin holder at each place setting.

Some of you may be getting ready for the Festival of Lights. Hanukkah is also coming up. Traditionally, the holiday décor colors are blue and white. Designer Laurel Bern is mixing it up this season with her Tree of Life. Click here for her chic inspiration.

I found an amazing Pinterest board with some incredibly inspired décor ideas. I happened upon an amazing idea for an out of the box menorah and I am in love with the dreidel wreath and other great ideas – especially for a family that celebrates both holidays. Click here for more!

Photo Credit - Pinterest

I certainly hope that this visual feast has provided some holiday inspiration! Cheers!

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