• Phyllis Harbinger

Before & After Bathroom Renovation

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

One of the most gratifying experiences we have as designers is to be able to take rooms that are dated or simply not functioning for how our clients live and turn them into amazing spaces.

Case in point – our clients had a fantastic Victorian 19th century home on the water in Westchester, NY. They had two girls who desperately needed a bathroom that functioned for their busy lives as students and professional ballet dancers. They required a space where both girls could get ready in the morning together and then end their day of study and dance with a soak in the tub to revive their soles!

The bathroom had not been updated since the 1940’s and the yellow tile and pedestal sink did not function well at all. The tub was old and did not keep the water hot and the bathroom was very small and chilly. There was a spare room adjacent to the bathroom, which we annexed to the existing space to create a bathroom spa oasis.

We completely reconfigured the layout and added not only a large shower with a bench and a window but a private water closet, a free standing air tub and a small deck to step onto to check the weather for the day or just to chill and enjoy the gardens below. A custom double vanity was installed with a large mirror. New LED lighting and a custom tile design in Asian White marble and a mix of thassos mosaics worked in concert with the clients’ collection of primitive Asian and African art and sculpture.

We truly loved the clients and this project was so successful that we also renovated the master bath! See below images of the finished bathroom that our clients absolutely adore.

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