• Phyllis Harbinger

Blending and Balancing Your Creative Mind

As a creative, I think about design from the minute I wake until I fall asleep. I cannot shut it down on the weekend, so I have devised a way in which to mix my creative side of the brain with the need to wind down, relax and rest on weekends and vacation!

Many of you read my newsletter and know that when I am away, I receive so many messages and "Aha" moments from my mind and from the Universe. It is because I am open, channeling happiness and fun which fuels my creativity.

There are so many ways in which you can blend activities to make this work. Case in point, is our wonderful mini adventure this past weekend. I had heard about a wonderful area in Litchfield county, of western Connecticut. A few ex-Manolo Blanik execs started a dairy farm there and opened a wonderful shop, followed by a great restaurant, and put the town of Bantam on the map. I knew that we were expecting amazing weather so this seemed a great way to experience the colors of Fall, spend the day with my husband and enjoy exploring a new place!

We started the day with a great drive through the backroads. The fall foliage is peaking and it was spectacular. Our first stop upon entering the town was Bantam Tileworks, a wonderful little workshop with the most glorious handmade tiles, vases and bowls. Truly anything you could want, they could make!

I was like a kid in a candy store, inquiring on lead times, watching them work, discussing their design process and falling in love with this artisan resource! We ordered a few special origami bowls that were ready to be fired in the kiln. I was able to choose my color, finish and how they would fire it. I also ordered a custom vase that I can’t wait to show you in a future post!

We then went for a beautiful lunch at the Mockingbird Kitchen. The restaurant was in an old Colonial home with 12-inch wide walnut floors and some amazing antique pieces. Sunlight flooded the space and the food was delish!

This was followed by some mid-century modern window shopping and a tour of a local bourbon distillery.

We ended the day with a tasting, met some great people, got a lead for a new project in Fairfield and stopped in for a homemade ice cream for my sweet tooth husband, Ross, before making our way home as the sun set along the drive. All in all, a fabulous day – blending my love of design with time spent with the love of my life!

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