• Phyllis Harbinger

Does your Design firm offer Computer Rendering Services?

As we dive deeper into this new virtual reality created by COVID-19, our world, both personally and professionally is rapidly changing. Clients are expecting offerings that were seldom requested prior to this past Spring.

With the real estate market in high gear in many parts of the country, people are buying new dwellings based on virtual walk-throughs, great photography and a leap of faith. Listings are gone within hours and buyers are having to make quick decisions, sight unseen if they truly want to get out of dodge.

Realtors have been virtually staging spaces for a number of years now and designers are beginning to take their conceptual designs to 3D to give the client a more cohesive visual idea of what their space could look like.

Every designer works differently and if you are going to begin offering this service in your Conceptual Design phase, I caution you to have very concise language about what is included in your Letter of Agreement with your Client. You will want to do research and get an idea of costs from at least three rendering firms or query your own talented staff to get an estimate of hours needed to complete the rendering project. You will then need to add time for edits and revisions. Obviously, your Design Fee will increase if you offer this service but renderings are highly sought after by potential clients and can set you apart from other designers they are interviewing. You may also wish to price this as a separate line item for those who are more visual.

I recently read a great article in Business of Home that discusses this topic in more depth. Click here to read how moviemaking tech is redefining renderings!

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