• Phyllis Harbinger

How to Show Gratitude for your Clients

As we approach the holiday season, I am excited about the opportunities to spend time with my colleagues, family and friends – celebrating the past year.

After hosting Thanksgiving for sixteen years, I have spent the last two with my family and my second mom, my client Rowena, in Florida! This ninety-year old spitfire has been the topic of conversation in many of my newsletters and she continues to inspire and challenge me to always think positively! I am so very grateful for her presence in my life.

Me with my Parents, sister Shari, and second Mother Rowena

It is at Thanksgiving, that we get the opportunity to truly thank our clients for allowing us to share our vision and expertise and to make an impact on their lives at home, and while they heal, work, learn and play! This is a serious responsibility but also a great joy.

To that point, every email I sent out this week to my clients ended with a sentence let them know how grateful I am for the opportunity to collaborate on their projects followed by wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. The responses have been so positive, and I truly believe that doing this not only at Thanksgiving but at various milestones during the design process create an invaluable bond between you and your client.

I have a few suggestions for you to use year-round:

1. Demo Day – gift a bottle of champagne to celebrate the start of construction

2. Birthdays – take them to lunch, send a gift or a gift certificate for a pampering massage

3. Move-in – a basket of goodies or products to help them settle in. I love giving a client a mini “tool box” – especially for the first-time home owner.

4. Six-month follow-up - suggest meeting at the job site to check in and see how the client is adapting to their new space. Perhaps cater in a lunch for the occasion.

Try to create your own system of saying thank you and making your clients feel special year-round.

Remember, it is better to give than to receive and what comes around goes around! They are bound to come back to you and become your clients for life!

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