• Phyllis Harbinger

Healthy Living Moves into Communities

As the baby boomers continue to age and the Generation X, Y, and Millennials gain more buying power, marry and have babies, people are craving more balance in their lives. As a design professional, I see this trend in much of my research and reading and I have recently seen it implemented in planned communities all over the world.

It would be fantastic for all of us to live in a community that actually promotes health and wellness. Where you could walk or bike to a yoga class, get a massage, eat in a health-minded restaurant and shop for farm to table and organic produce.

Gone are the people of buying power with car-centric communities. Young people especially crave walkable communities with mass transit offerings. They require bike and walking paths, pet and kid friendly spaces and so much more. This also serves our aging population, as communities will become more accessible when properly designed.

I recently came across this great article from Departures.com that proves this point. Take a read and comment below one healthy living amenity you would like to see in your community!

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