• Phyllis Harbinger

High Point Market 2018 Report

I am finally getting caught up after a whirlwind trip to Highpoint Market!

We hit the ground running on Saturday morning with stops at a variety of showrooms in the IHFC on the main floor. I was drawn to the dark teal colored walls and the sculptural elements in the space.

John Strauss, of Strauss Furniture, was onsite and gave us a personal tour, outlining the way they manufacture in Ohio and the artisans he employs to finish various pieces. Of special interest were the watercolor door sideboard, the wall sculptures and the bar cabinet.

John personally showed us the bar and how actual leaves are dipped in metal and applied as ornament to the exterior of the doors. The inside was painted a delightful shade of orange and illuminated by touching the hinge on the door. Such a great piece and full of customizable options!

After a brief walk of the floor, we headed to my first speaking event – Passion Sucks. Joined by a group of visionary designers and moderated by my friend and colleague, podcaster Nick May, it was an inspirational discussion on how we work, what inspires us and how we keep the passion flowing while creating a profitable business.

We had lunch at Currey & Co and then went to one of the oldest buildings in Highpoint for a Vision Casting focus group. This was followed by more shopping at market and ended with a stop at the Hubbarton Forge space. David Kitt, the Design Director, gave us a sneak peak at the new collection set to launch in January. We were amazed by the new innovative designs and excited to see them in 2019! We were then treated by David and Marketing VP Jeanne-Marie Gand, to a fabulous dinner and joined by Designer Jennifer McGee and Interior Design Regional Marketing Director, Kelly Cannon Buchsbaum. As we finished, we were each given an incredible swag bag filled with goodies such as a rock crystal modern vase, slate coasters, a Swarovski crystal pen and other fun baubles. It was truly an evening of luxury!

Sunday began with a stop at a permanent showroom featuring Parish, ST2, Phillip Selva and other custom brands that were new to me. We then went back to the IHFC and walked a few more floors at Market before I did a quick change for my next panel discussion – Tech Talk at the Designer Viewpoint Series sponsored by ASID. With 300 attendees in the audience, I was joined by three other designers and moderator/podcaster Luann Nigara for a discussion on project management software and other important tools we use to run our businesses more efficiently. It was a great panel and we all shared our insight to help the audience understand the importance of having the right systems and tools with which to streamline your business productivity.

The afternoon was spent at Market and followed by a Red Carpet event and interviews before attending the Surya HGTV reunion party. My Highpoint experience ended with a quiet dinner with my dear friend Susan, and a good night’s sleep.

I cannot wait to return again next year and am already filled with anticipation for my next Market adventure!

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