• Phyllis Harbinger

How To Craft the Perfect Mixed Metal Table Setting for the Holidays

As the holiday season begins, most of us are inundated with office parties, house parties, family get togethers and of course, Christmas and New Year's Eve. If you are hosting a celebration this year, we have a great tip for you!

This weekend, I hosted a dinner party in my home. It was the first time I entertained six people and the planning and prep, which I had down to a science in my old home, was much more challenging. Smaller space, one fridge and lots of logistics. It was wonderful to spend the evening with my sister, her boyfriend Jeff, and one of my oldest friends and her husband. We began at 6:30pm and my guests did not leave until midnight! I love the intimacy of a dinner party at home. You get to spend much more time with the people you care about at a leisurely pace - and that cannot happen in a restaurant!

When I entertain, I create a checklist. If you have read my book or seen me speak, you know this is how I action on every aspect of my business and my life! I set the table during the day and the sunlight streaming into the space and reflecting off of the glass and metallic surfaces was so inspiring. I wanted to share this with you as you may be getting questions from clients and friends on how to set the perfect holiday table.

I do not really care for themes and while we celebrate Hanukah, the blue/white color scheme was not what I had in mind. My home décor is a study in mixed-metals and I continued this genre at the table. I have a lovely Waterford table cloth with grey, gold and silver tones in a modern but quite pattern. The napkins are rolled into gold rings topped off with a blue-grey drusy stone. I love the tailored uncomplicated look.

My flatware is a combination of a gold/silver set, with a Laguiole special knife from France. They are stainless but this category of knives are all handmade and the handles are available in a myriad of colored enamels, wood and other materiality. I found mine in Eze in the south of France so they have special memories for me.

I purchased amazing etched goblets twenty years ago from Michael Weems. I love these glasses and also sold many to my clients back in the day. Sadly, they are out of production, so I am super careful when using them as they are irreplaceable!

I truly enjoy mixing different styles of glass at the table. I have antique Heisy Rose crystal which I inherited from my grandmother, fabulous clear glass wine glasses, etched tall modern hi-ball glasses and fun white glass cocktail glasses. The dishes are classic white with a gold rim detail.

I also mixed in modern prismatic candlesticks and then, without any knowledge of my table décor, my friend brought me a pair of Jonathan Adler black/white and gold zebra salt and pepper shakers as a hostess gift. They were a perfect match! Kismet!

So, if you are stumped and have a number of china sets and flatware, mix it up! The curated, carefully orchestrated table will be out of the box, original and a true reflection of your taste and style!

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