• Phyllis Harbinger

Photography in 2019

Some of you will remember taking photos and removing the film, sending it away and awaiting your photos, sometimes weeks later.   There was no way to tell what would come back to you.  Sometimes you were pleasantly surprised and other times you might not even recall what you were shooting!

We have come a long way with the advent of the digital age.  Digital cameras, both professional and point and shoot, have enabled all of us to be better photographers.   Our phones have replaced all but the higher quality cameras and made it so easy to take a great shot! 

I absolutely love the portrait mode on my iPhone for detail shots and more clarity.   My husband has two phones and one is a Pixel 3 – which takes the most amazing night shots.  See below for an example of iPhone vs. Pixel.   It is truly amazing.

iPhone photo

Pixel 3 photo

I have even purchased a clip-on wide angle lens for the iPhone which is helpful when taking scouting shots for our projects.   It gives us a much more expansive view of the space and provides more information for our documentation and for discussions with our photographer prior to a shoot. 

I recently came across a fantastic article that is sure to make you all better photographers.  If this peaks your interest, click here to learn more.

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