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Refresh Your Kitchen - All You Need is Paint!

A new year brings on change.  As we approach the end of the second month of 2019, many of you may be ready for Spring.  I know I am!   Spring brings change – a shift to warmer weather, the thought of bringing in fresh air and creating a fresh new look.   One of the easiest tools to quickly shift the vibe of a space is paint!  Sure, changing the color of your walls can do wonders but how about changing the color of your cabinets or your paneling?   This is for sure a heavier lift and if you really want to do it right, you will hire a professional. 

Nevertheless, color makes a huge impact and can up level your space without having to do a gut renovation and replace your cabinets.   If your cabinets are just tired, perhaps they were glazed and that look no longer suits you, professional cabinet refinishing can be done in home or doors can be taken to a shop to be resprayed and the shells are sprayed in the home.  You will want to leave for a few days so that they craftsmen can do their work but it will be worth it in the end!

Below is a fab rehab by designer Jaclyn Peters who transformed these stunning shaker cabinets with Benjamin Moore Jack Pine 692. She used Simply White OC-117 to contrast the green cabinets and create a simple backdrop to the bold color  A fresh new look at lighting and this kitchen looks current and fabulous!

Photo via Instagram

While new and not repainted, you may draw inspo from a kitchen project we completed last year.  White shaker cabinets juxtaposed by a marine blue island make a bold statement in our clients’ kitchen.  The backsplash tile unites the space.

Kitchen designed by DCI Studio

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